Well its October already, actually it’s the end of October as I am a little late in writing this letter this month. The season is just starting and it’s already busy as ever. 

Our trail system is off to a great start as Barry & Tammy have been doing a great job of organizing trail dates. We still have some miles to put in so please watch our Facebook page and your email for upcoming trail dates. Additionally next weekend (Saturday Nov. 7th) is our annual Grass Drags at Todd’s Airfield in Ankeny. We have had several club members working very hard on sponsorships, set up and general organization. I think this year is going to be our biggest year yet, so please mark your calendars and come join us for a great day of racing and fun. As usual we can always use more help with this large event as we will have plenty of out of town guest.

As I am getting my own sleds, and trailer ready for the season I find myself wondering where the time goes, seems like every year I am down to the wire! With all the work that goes into the club, trails and events sometimes it’s easy to forget I better get my own equipment ready. I follow several other clubs throughout Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Wyoming on social media and I find it amazing to read about their club and trail progress. If it was not for snowmobile clubs none of us
would have trails to ride or fire wood in the warming huts etc. Last year we did a mailer where we contacted all registered snowmobile owners in Polk & Story County. It was shocking to learn just how many snowmobiles are in our area compared to just how few are club members. Every year we seem to get the trails in a nick of time but there always seems to
be more work that could have been done to make those trails even better and safer.

With that said if you are reading this then you are a club member, thank you for your support of this great sport. I know that all of us have friends that ride but  are not club members, I know I can name several and it boggles my mind why  they are not members of a local club that builds and maintains the tails they ride.  I get that not everyone can get out there every time to clear & mark trails or make it to all the club meetings but at the very least joining a club offers so many benefits. In Iowa for example it automatically makes you a member of the ISSA, a state wide club, it provides you with a monthly magazine that showcases many area clubs and their events around the state. Joining a club also provides you with an instant group of people that you have something in common in, even if some of those people ride the wrong sled.  Clubs generally do year round activities and do a great job of keeping their members informed of any new laws, trail changes & regulations. At the very least by joining a club you have made a small financial contribution to your riding area, membership dues goes a long way in funding our trail system.

So I have a favor to ask all of you, go to your non club member friends and ask them why they are not members of their local club, suggest they join a club, and tell them why you are a member & why it is important for all snowmobilers to  be a member of a club. Maybe it’s that little push is all it will take, maybe we will see new faces next month and maybe, just maybe we will see some of them want to get involved with the club outings, meetings, events & tail  work.

This is my second year as your club president and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I still have not met everyone and I look forward to meeting all our members and seeing all of you at our club events. I hope I will see you all at our next club meeting on Tuesday November 10th  at the Nite Hawk in Slater.  Let’s see  how many new members we can bring!

Till then I will see you on the trails, think snow!!

Craig Krapfl
2015-2016 Club President